stuffertystuffstuff asked: I know there are alot of... issues surrounding Bab's return to the Batgirl mantle but since she's getting back on her feet (no pun intended) do you think that you girls would be up for teaming up together. It would be amazing to see all three of you fighting crime together.

Barbara: We already have - but I’d be lying if I said I’ve never wanted to be out there with them. This new Barbara - I hope she takes advantage of that.

Steph: I’ve thought about it. A lot. I mean - Barbara’s with me all the time, but really fighting with her would - it’d be cool, you know? And if I get to as Spoiler…that’d be nice.

Cass: I’ve fought - simulations. But it’s not…the same. Having her - with me - would…it would be different. But not bad.


khaleesinymeria asked: First I've got to say I just adore all you girls. You really mean a lot to me and many others as well. I've got a little question around, wondering...If someone appeared and wanted to follow you in your footsteps (being a superhero, I mean), sorta like a sidekick, what would you do?

Barbara: First off, from all of us - thank you.

Now, your question.

I’d let them know exactly what can happen to sidekicks.

I - it doesn’t matter how brave you are, or how clever you are, or how good you are. Your future can still be taken from you. And I don’t want to be responsible for that.

It was different with Cass, just because she was so good, and - and she needed that Bat so much, and it needed her.

I tried with Charlie, but - well, she just took another costume and kept right on trucking. I couldn’t do much to stop her, really, so - might as well keep her as safe as I could.

Steph, well. Have you tried telling that girl what to do? Besides, she’s a legal adult now, and she’s been doing this for years.

It’s a bit different with adults, just because - they don’t make me remember I’d feel less responsible, I suppose. But I’d make damn sure they knew what they were getting themselves into.

Cass: I - like to…inspire people. Let them know - the best. Of who they are. If that means…being like us, then - I wouldn’t tell them no. But - I think - I’d tell them what it’s like, first. And I’d tell them…to have a life, too. It took me…too long.

I don’t think I’d - do very good with - a sidekick. I work…alone, usually. But I could still…help.

Steph: Be kind of hypocrite of me to tell someone to pack up and go home right? I mean - with Clancy, it was - it was obviously this weirdly obsessive thing he had going, it wasn’t healthy, and it…it got him -

But if someone really wanted to do good, and was really willing to work for it - how could I tell them no?

I know what happens to sidekicks. Obviously. I also know - that it’s worth it. That sometimes we come back fighting.


pinja-deactivated20130714 asked: What is your proudest/best moment of being a hero other than when you were first offered the costume and/or apprenticeship.

Barbara: Oh, that’s difficult. Not because I’m arrogant - I see that look, Stephanie - but because I’ve been a vigilante for so long, now.

How about I divide it in two? As Batgirl, I’d say it was confronting my would-be assassin. He made he really face my mortality for the first time - and he made me doubt myself. The idea of facing him was terrifying. But I did it, and I took him down, and I saved Batman for good measure.

As Oracle, it was…hmm. I’d say working with the pentagon to save New York. Took a lot of diplomacy, knowledge, determination and quick thinking, which are pretty much what Oracle is. We saved a lot of people that day. And it put the Joker in the slab.

Cass: Jim Gordon. It was…the first time I saved someone. That was when I - when I knew.

I wasn’t Batgirl yet, though. …Fighting Shiva - dying. Coming back. Beating her, my way. It meant…a lot.

Haven’t been Blackbat for very long.

Stephanie: Does this mean I get three? Awesome.

I didn’t really…think of myself as a proper vigilante, first. I didn’t have training, I didn’t have cool gadgets, I was just a kid trying to make up for what my dad did. And I was pretty focused on him, and Robin. But - this one Friday night, I was out patrolling, right? And this gang, the Ghost Dragons, they were harassing a store in my neighbourhood. I took a hell of a beating, but I drove them off, and for the first time - I really felt like a hero. I guess that’s the moment when I really couldn’t turn back.

And when I was Robin…I saved Batman. (And I still don’t think there was anything wrong with the way I did it.)

As Batgirl? It was saving Gotham.


pinja-deactivated20130714 asked: Do you girls have any tattoos or piercings?

And do your scars ever make you feel ugly?

Barbara: I have my ears pierced, but I don’t usually bother with it.

Most of my scars don’t bother me. But…it took me a while to stop seeing that one and feel - but I can, now. Most of the time.

I had some help.

Cass: My scars make me…remember.

I like the ones I got…fighting, more.

No piercings.

Steph: Maybe we should get our ears pierced together! Matching earrings.

Or matching tattoos.

Cass: That…could be nice.

Steph: I’ve felt kind of - self-conscious, I guess, about the scars. But they make me feel kind of proud, too. So it balances out.

And…the ones from Black Mask - all they mean is that I survived.


Anonymous asked: Batgirls, well, Steph and Barbara mostly, you guys have had a few team up with Supergirl. Do you guys like working with her? Alternately, what have been your favourite team ups with members outside the Batfam?

Steph: Kara is one of my best friends! She’s just so fun to be with, even when we’re in the middle of something really, um, violent. And it’s like - when she looks at me? She doesn’t see the daughter of a criminal, or the Robin who got fired. She just sees Batgirl.

…It’s been a really long time, but I really liked working with Green Arrow - Connor? He never treated me like I didn’t have a right to be there. He was just - really nice, and one heck of a fighter. And, you know, really cute.

I only really got to work with Dinah one time, but it was great.

How about you, Babs? …Babs?

Barbara: …Sorry. Guess I was just…drifting.

I’ve worked with quite a lot of people, but - well, obviously, my team comes first.




Cass: Connor is good. Regret…attacking him. But he could take it.

Kon is - also fun.

My…League. It was - complicated. But nice. I…miss them.


theonlyalexlynch asked: I just read steph's final Batgirl comic (24) that came out today and now I'm extremely sad. What's the point to ending an amazing series?

Barbara: Same reason they ended Cassandra’s amazing series, I suspect.

Steph: …What was that?

Barbara: Editorial nonsense and sexist bullshit, mostly.

Steph: Whelp.


pinja-deactivated20130714 asked: Big question guys, hope you indulge me:

Why do you obey the "no kill" rule?

When has it been hardest not to break it?

And why haven't you guys killed the Joker for paralysing Babs/killing Jason or Black Mask for "killing" Steph?

Barbara: I obey it because I don’t think we have the right to decide who lives and who dies. Because as vigilantes, we have a responsibility to work with the justice system as much as we can. Because, frankly, it would be very easy to cross that line, and I don’t know where it would take me.

But sometimes I think it would be more heroic not to.

I’ve come close to killing people before. One of them was Roman Sionis, and I’d be lying if I said that sometimes I don’t regret it. Especially when I thought Stephanie was really gone.

The Joker…he’s killed and maimed so many people. I’ll always know the statistics. He murdered Jason. (I’ll always remember the autopsy report.) He murdered Sarah. (I’ll always remember her coffin.) You gave me the trigger, I don’t know that I wouldn’t pull it.

Cass: I know…what death is. I’ve known since - for a long time. I can not…will not…do that. Not even to him. It wouldn’t…have brought her back. 

But…I killed Shiva. Because she wouldn’t stop. Because - she asked.

When I saw…what they did to Bludhaven, I felt…regret. That I did not stop them. Completely. Before so many died.

I will not kill. But I…understand.

Steph: I’ve never killed before. It doesn’t, you know, appeal to me.

But I’ve wanted to. Seeing what Zsasz did to those people…I didn’t understand why Batman got so angry, me going for the kill. If I’m honest? I still don’t.

But wearing this symbol means living by its code, and I respect that.

Even if you lock me in a room with the Joker. But I’m not guaranteeing anything else.


Anonymous asked: so if you had to swap Batgirl costumes with one of the other two girls which would you pick and why?

Barbara: I like Cassandra’s. It’s the most practical.

Cass: Wearing Barbara’s was…odd. But fun.

Steph: I liked wearing Cass’s. I’m used to that kind of mask, obviously, and - well - it was like she was with me.


pinja-deactivated20130714 asked: Do you girls ever want to have children of your own and how would you square that with your vigilante careers?

Barbara: I never thought about children much, I really. I thought, vaguely, about adopting one day.

And then…I found a girl, wandering through a broken city. And it was - an honour to give her a home, and a name. To teach her. To…

I never intended to be a mother, but I guess I ended up that way, and I’ll never regret it, even if I could have done better.

Then another girl found me. And she needed a family, too. I only wish I could have continued to give her one. That’s the problem with being a vigilante - at least with being Oracle. It’s…an obsessive, overwhelming job, and she deserved more than that.

Steph: I…I don’t know. It’d be nice - to choose to have a kid. To know I’d get to…get to keep them.

But I can barely balance being Batgirl with college, and a kid

Cass: You’d…have help.

Steph: …Cass?

Cass: I don’t know - if I’d want. To be a mother. I I could be. But I’d…I’d like to…

Steph: They’d be lucky to have you, Cass. Almost as lucky as me.


Anonymous asked: so who is/was your favorite Robin (other than the obvious answer of Steph)

Barbara: That’d be like asking me to pick a favourite brother.

Dick is…we’ve had our ups and downs. But I’m closer to him than just about anyone. He’s fun, and he’s kind, and he’s frustrating, and he’s dense. We’ve been friends, we’ve been lovers, but I think we’re more family than anything. Maybe that’s why it never works out.

Jason…God, Jason. He was one cocky, mouthy little kid, let me tell you. But he made me laugh. He cared so much - that’s why he got angry, got reckless. That’s why he does what he does now, I think, at the heart of it. I wish I could have helped him then and I wish I could now.

Tim - I didn’t want to get close to Tim, really, not at first. Not after Jason. But he made it hard. This brilliant, determined little - little dork - and then we were talking about C&C and the best camera angles… I miss having him around the clock tower. (Well, come to that, I miss the clock tower.)

Damian, well. Damian’s difficult. I don’t really know the kid, not yet. But I plan to. He’s done a hell of a thing, turning his back on his own mother - though I’m still looking into possible cloning or replacements there - to be a hero.

Cass: Can’t picks favourites…out of family. But I - know Tim the best. He and Steph are…my Robins.

He told me, once, that…I’d - intimidated him. Not because…I could kill. But because - I turned myself…into a hero anyway. And he…apologised, and asked to be friends.

That’s…who Tim is.

Steph: I know Tim best, too. And I love him, really - he was the first person who made me feel special and wanted, he was there for me through some really tough times - but it’s…there’s resentment there too. There’s hurt. There’s just…a lot of stuff between us that we haven’t worked out.

On the other hand, there’s Damian. I mean - I know he’s a little brat to me, but it’s not like it really hurts. He lashes out at everybody, it’s just what he does. And that - makes me feel for him, more than me. I never thought I’d get all protective over Batman’s baby assassin, but there you go.

I mean, it’s not like I never want to knock him over the head, but that’s normal, right? For…

Barbara: For family.