pinja-deactivated20130714 asked: What is your proudest/best moment of being a hero other than when you were first offered the costume and/or apprenticeship.

Barbara: Oh, that’s difficult. Not because I’m arrogant - I see that look, Stephanie - but because I’ve been a vigilante for so long, now.

How about I divide it in two? As Batgirl, I’d say it was confronting my would-be assassin. He made he really face my mortality for the first time - and he made me doubt myself. The idea of facing him was terrifying. But I did it, and I took him down, and I saved Batman for good measure.

As Oracle, it was…hmm. I’d say working with the pentagon to save New York. Took a lot of diplomacy, knowledge, determination and quick thinking, which are pretty much what Oracle is. We saved a lot of people that day. And it put the Joker in the slab.

Cass: Jim Gordon. It was…the first time I saved someone. That was when I - when I knew.

I wasn’t Batgirl yet, though. …Fighting Shiva - dying. Coming back. Beating her, my way. It meant…a lot.

Haven’t been Blackbat for very long.

Stephanie: Does this mean I get three? Awesome.

I didn’t really…think of myself as a proper vigilante, first. I didn’t have training, I didn’t have cool gadgets, I was just a kid trying to make up for what my dad did. And I was pretty focused on him, and Robin. But - this one Friday night, I was out patrolling, right? And this gang, the Ghost Dragons, they were harassing a store in my neighbourhood. I took a hell of a beating, but I drove them off, and for the first time - I really felt like a hero. I guess that’s the moment when I really couldn’t turn back.

And when I was Robin…I saved Batman. (And I still don’t think there was anything wrong with the way I did it.)

As Batgirl? It was saving Gotham.

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