pinja-deactivated20130714 asked: Do you girls have any tattoos or piercings?

And do your scars ever make you feel ugly?

Barbara: I have my ears pierced, but I don’t usually bother with it.

Most of my scars don’t bother me. But…it took me a while to stop seeing that one and feel - but I can, now. Most of the time.

I had some help.

Cass: My scars make me…remember.

I like the ones I got…fighting, more.

No piercings.

Steph: Maybe we should get our ears pierced together! Matching earrings.

Or matching tattoos.

Cass: That…could be nice.

Steph: I’ve felt kind of - self-conscious, I guess, about the scars. But they make me feel kind of proud, too. So it balances out.

And…the ones from Black Mask - all they mean is that I survived.

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