Anonymous asked: Batgirls, well, Steph and Barbara mostly, you guys have had a few team up with Supergirl. Do you guys like working with her? Alternately, what have been your favourite team ups with members outside the Batfam?

Steph: Kara is one of my best friends! She’s just so fun to be with, even when we’re in the middle of something really, um, violent. And it’s like - when she looks at me? She doesn’t see the daughter of a criminal, or the Robin who got fired. She just sees Batgirl.

…It’s been a really long time, but I really liked working with Green Arrow - Connor? He never treated me like I didn’t have a right to be there. He was just - really nice, and one heck of a fighter. And, you know, really cute.

I only really got to work with Dinah one time, but it was great.

How about you, Babs? …Babs?

Barbara: …Sorry. Guess I was just…drifting.

I’ve worked with quite a lot of people, but - well, obviously, my team comes first.




Cass: Connor is good. Regret…attacking him. But he could take it.

Kon is - also fun.

My…League. It was - complicated. But nice. I…miss them.

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