pinja-deactivated20130714 asked: Big question guys, hope you indulge me:

Why do you obey the "no kill" rule?

When has it been hardest not to break it?

And why haven't you guys killed the Joker for paralysing Babs/killing Jason or Black Mask for "killing" Steph?

Barbara: I obey it because I don’t think we have the right to decide who lives and who dies. Because as vigilantes, we have a responsibility to work with the justice system as much as we can. Because, frankly, it would be very easy to cross that line, and I don’t know where it would take me.

But sometimes I think it would be more heroic not to.

I’ve come close to killing people before. One of them was Roman Sionis, and I’d be lying if I said that sometimes I don’t regret it. Especially when I thought Stephanie was really gone.

The Joker…he’s killed and maimed so many people. I’ll always know the statistics. He murdered Jason. (I’ll always remember the autopsy report.) He murdered Sarah. (I’ll always remember her coffin.) You gave me the trigger, I don’t know that I wouldn’t pull it.

Cass: I know…what death is. I’ve known since - for a long time. I can not…will not…do that. Not even to him. It wouldn’t…have brought her back. 

But…I killed Shiva. Because she wouldn’t stop. Because - she asked.

When I saw…what they did to Bludhaven, I felt…regret. That I did not stop them. Completely. Before so many died.

I will not kill. But I…understand.

Steph: I’ve never killed before. It doesn’t, you know, appeal to me.

But I’ve wanted to. Seeing what Zsasz did to those people…I didn’t understand why Batman got so angry, me going for the kill. If I’m honest? I still don’t.

But wearing this symbol means living by its code, and I respect that.

Even if you lock me in a room with the Joker. But I’m not guaranteeing anything else.

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