pinja-deactivated20130714 asked: Do you girls ever want to have children of your own and how would you square that with your vigilante careers?

Barbara: I never thought about children much, I really. I thought, vaguely, about adopting one day.

And then…I found a girl, wandering through a broken city. And it was - an honour to give her a home, and a name. To teach her. To…

I never intended to be a mother, but I guess I ended up that way, and I’ll never regret it, even if I could have done better.

Then another girl found me. And she needed a family, too. I only wish I could have continued to give her one. That’s the problem with being a vigilante - at least with being Oracle. It’s…an obsessive, overwhelming job, and she deserved more than that.

Steph: I…I don’t know. It’d be nice - to choose to have a kid. To know I’d get to…get to keep them.

But I can barely balance being Batgirl with college, and a kid

Cass: You’d…have help.

Steph: …Cass?

Cass: I don’t know - if I’d want. To be a mother. I I could be. But I’d…I’d like to…

Steph: They’d be lucky to have you, Cass. Almost as lucky as me.

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