withthesecinderedbones asked: Dear Batgirls,

What's the best part of being Batgirl?
Also I think you guys are awesome. I've always wanted to cosplay a Batgirl but could never pick which one! It's too much awesome too close together.

Barbara: Well, thank you. You could always go for a blend, but that might look odd.

For me, it was - putting on that costume was freedom. It was a chance to be a part of myself I’d hidden away, almost forgotten myself. To be every hero who got me through my childhood. Eventually…I didn’t need the cowl to be that Barbara anymore. I could be confident and witty and resilient, and I could help people in so many different ways. I didn’t need the Bat to be me, or to be a hero.

Cass: The Bat was…the first symbol that meant something. To me. It was - hope. Fighting to - help, not hurt. Being…the best you could. And I…could wear it. Could be that.

I wasn’t…his anymore. Wasn’t his - weapon. I was - a hero.

Steph: …When I was a little girl - I used to sneak up to the roof, and search for the stars, and a glimpse of Batman and Robin. They were everything my dad hated, and everything that made Gotham seem - brighter. Better.

They gave me hope and strength when no one else did. That’s as much where Spoiler comes from as anything. And to be Robin, to be part of that - it meant everything.

And now I’m Batgirl. Because my best friend gave it to me. And no one’s going to just yank it away because I’m not good enough. I get to be that hope and strength for other little kids who need it.

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