stuffertystuffstuff asked: I know there are alot of... issues surrounding Bab's return to the Batgirl mantle but since she's getting back on her feet (no pun intended) do you think that you girls would be up for teaming up together. It would be amazing to see all three of you fighting crime together.

Barbara: We already have - but I’d be lying if I said I’ve never wanted to be out there with them. This new Barbara - I hope she takes advantage of that.

Steph: I’ve thought about it. A lot. I mean - Barbara’s with me all the time, but really fighting with her would - it’d be cool, you know? And if I get to as Spoiler…that’d be nice.

Cass: I’ve fought - simulations. But it’s not…the same. Having her - with me - would…it would be different. But not bad.

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