khaleesinymeria asked: First I've got to say I just adore all you girls. You really mean a lot to me and many others as well. I've got a little question around, wondering...If someone appeared and wanted to follow you in your footsteps (being a superhero, I mean), sorta like a sidekick, what would you do?

Barbara: First off, from all of us - thank you.

Now, your question.

I’d let them know exactly what can happen to sidekicks.

I - it doesn’t matter how brave you are, or how clever you are, or how good you are. Your future can still be taken from you. And I don’t want to be responsible for that.

It was different with Cass, just because she was so good, and - and she needed that Bat so much, and it needed her.

I tried with Charlie, but - well, she just took another costume and kept right on trucking. I couldn’t do much to stop her, really, so - might as well keep her as safe as I could.

Steph, well. Have you tried telling that girl what to do? Besides, she’s a legal adult now, and she’s been doing this for years.

It’s a bit different with adults, just because - they don’t make me remember I’d feel less responsible, I suppose. But I’d make damn sure they knew what they were getting themselves into.

Cass: I - like to…inspire people. Let them know - the best. Of who they are. If that means…being like us, then - I wouldn’t tell them no. But - I think - I’d tell them what it’s like, first. And I’d tell them…to have a life, too. It took me…too long.

I don’t think I’d - do very good with - a sidekick. I work…alone, usually. But I could still…help.

Steph: Be kind of hypocrite of me to tell someone to pack up and go home right? I mean - with Clancy, it was - it was obviously this weirdly obsessive thing he had going, it wasn’t healthy, and it…it got him -

But if someone really wanted to do good, and was really willing to work for it - how could I tell them no?

I know what happens to sidekicks. Obviously. I also know - that it’s worth it. That sometimes we come back fighting.

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